Sabina Umeh is a Singer/Songwriter, Dancer/Choreographer, Designer/Model and Actress. She's a Theatre Arts graduate and has a string of productions to her credit. She has traveled all over the world, and represented her country, Nigeria, in the Miss Universe and Miss World Beauty Pageants - where she picked up the Miss Personality Award.

Sabina is based in London England, Lagos Nigeria and Atlanta USA. She has compiled a lot of original material for her music career, and has been recording and performing professionally for years. She has worked with Juicygroove's production and management teams to develop an act with emphasis on spectacle, electricity and energetic performance of her unique music.

The message inherent in Sabina's music is fun, freedom and enjoyment in a lavish and spectacular style. Sabina has boundless charm and a bright sparkling personality that appeals to a wide cross section of an international audience. She is a great communicator warmly received by male and female, young or old alike.

Some of her recent appearances were in Dublin Ireland, London England, Paris France and major cities across the United States. Sabina has an artistic family background and has been exposed to the performing arts since childhood. Her musical inspiration comes from the likes of Diana Ross, Tina Turner, Prince, Annie Lennox, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Cesaria Evora, Miriam Makeba and Beyonce. She derives immense satisfaction from her music and it is a gift she wishes to share with the world.

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